Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Queen Converts Buckingham Palace to Buckingham Bed & Breakfast

Apparently the financial crisis is hitting home in England as it is around the rest of the world. And it seems that Queen Elizabeth has found a new way to deal with the current economic difficulties facing the Royal Family.

Like governments worldwide -- and millions of individuals -- the Royal Family finds itself short of cash these days.

So effective today, Buckingham Palace is being converted to the Buckingham Bed & Breakfast. (This is a photo of Liz and Phillip's first guests, the Obamas.)

It won't be a cheap place to stay, but Liz figures there are enough people out there who would be happy to spend a few dollars (or Pounds or Euros) for the privilege of sleeping in a palace -- and sitting at the breakfast table with the Queen herself.

She'll accept all major credit cards, except American Express, because their fees are too high.

It's been well-documented by insiders for years that Elizabeth has always been a frugal royal, going so far as to sit in coach, even on overseas flights. And to save a buck on the fees, she just goes with carry-on bags only now ... and brings a sandwich from home.

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