Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dick Dale R.O.X.

Last night was the fifth time I had the good fortune to see a living legend in concert -- the one, the only, Dick Dale.

The man who takes a Fender reverb unit and cranks the volume up to 11 did not disappoint.

The opening twangs filled the room even before the King of the Surf Guitar hit the stage. The crowd was electric as soon as they heard the signature style of Dale, even while he was still backstage.

He made his entrance, playing as he walked onto the stage from the dressing room.

Dick's music is so intense, it leaves you feeling the vibration of it throughout the entire show -- and for some hours afterward.

I shot some video of the event, but alas, capturing the sound was not easy (no surprise there).

Nevertheless, it was great to see he still has the same magic touch as always.

Check out his opening number, the electrifying "Nitro".

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