Friday, September 11, 2009

Notes from LAX


9:06 pm PDT – Terminal 6 Los Angeles International Airport

The All You Can Jet journey has begun.

Kicking off my experience with the good folks at JetBlue, at LAX’s Terminal 6, ready for the red-eye to New York JFK.

There’s a reasonable volume of people milling about tonight. Some of the Continental gates (the primary tenant at T6) are overflowing though. And I just heard a Frontier spokesman say they were looking for volunteers to give up their seats. Oops … oversold. So people are still flying.

The Home Turf Sports Bar is also filled, with fans glued to the TVs watching the Steelers and Titans square off.

I’ve opted for a quick coffee at Monet’s California, instead of the usual Starbucks.

Can’t help but wonder why are there no Coffee Bean outlets in this airport. Surely our hometown chain deserves a spot or two. Or perhaps Starbucks has some sort of exclusivity deal here?

Last time I was in this terminal was this past February. Since that time, it has become a construction zone.

Flight still on time, scheduled to leave at 10:21.

Just one beef - my longest-running beef with LAX – no complimentary WiFi.

JFK's T5 has it. New Orleans has it. Come on, LAX -- get in the game!

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