Saturday, March 6, 2010

Notes from the Road: Scenery, but No Rest Stops

Arizona is one of the most picturesque places you could ever visit.

And thanks to the recent rains, I'm seeing one of those rare sights -- a green desert.

Of course, the greenery is short-lived. Soon enough, the sun will scortch the Sonoran Desert, and return it to its natural state of brown.

I love spending time in this state, but I do have a few words for the folks at the Arizona Department of Transportation: Open your Rest Stops!!!

Why on earth have you closed the Rest Stops on I-10 coming from Palm Springs to Phoenix? Even broke California -- the most ineptly managed State in the Union -- manages to keep its Rest Stops open on I-10. But as soon as I crossed the state line at Blythe, the first two Rest Stops in Arizona were closed.

Considering that the road between Indio and Goodyear has almost no place to stop (excepting Blythe and Quartzsite), would it be that tough to keep a couple rest stops open?

Just asking.

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