Friday, June 15, 2012

Mexico's Goofy Political Campaign Signs (Part II)

After already having fun ridiculing some of the silly campaign signs I've seen in Mexico City, I thought it was only appropriate to continue the fun with part II today.  There's just so much good (or bad) material to choose from.

Isabel Miranda Wallace - Candidate for Mayor of Mexico City

I think Ms. Miranda is a fine lady, but her people have come up with some unusual advertising for her campaign.

And by “unusual”, I mean “not good”.

Here, we see an ad plastering a bus.  "Aqui viaja mi futuro gabinete" -- "Here travels my future cabinet."  I know her campaign is trying to play up that she's an "ordinary citizen", as opposed to a professional politician.  But this ad looks too phony.

Besides, many people I see on the bus scare me.  I don't want them being in anyone's cabinet.

Also, though it's difficult to see in this photo, on the back of the bus, Ms. Miranda is pointing at me.  Or you. Or someone else. As I recall from when I was about three years old, pointing and staring is considered rude. Not like.

Agustin Barrios Gomez - Congressional Candidate

So this candidate apparently believes that what Mexico needs is "First World Laws" ("Leyes de Primer Mundo").

With all due respect, not having laws is NOT the problem.  The country has plenty of laws, just like any developed nation.  But for every law that exists, there are politicians and ordinary citizens breaking them each and every day.  This includes even those "simple" things like not stopping at a stop sign, running red lights, paying bribes to police or government officials, or buying pirated goods.  Normal behavior in Mexico City? Absolutely. But, there are laws against these things.

No matter the case, simply passing a law against a certain action will not stop it from happening -- in Mexico or elsewhere.  No, Mexico does not suffer from a lack of laws.

Laws against murder? Got them. Laws against drug dealing? Got those laws too.  Sorry, try again, Mr. Candidate.  Your theme fails.

AMLO/Mancera - Presidential/Mayoral candidates

When I look at this sign, I get creeped out.  It's like Big Brother watching over everyone.  Combined with the Communist symbology, I feel like I'm in Prague or Budapest during the days of Iron Curtain. And I feel the need to flee to freedom like so many had to do in Eastern Europe.  Communism disturbs me, and the Mexican offshoot of this bizarre ideology, the Partido de Trabajo, equally disturbs me.

At least Lopez Obrador looks friendly in the photo. But his colleague, Mr. Mancera, just looks menacing.


But now, my favorite ...

Mahatma Gandhi - Candidate for the Nueva Alianza

I give full credit to the Nueva Alianza, who have apparently recruited the formerly deceased Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi, to run for their party.  Or maybe he's just endorsing them.  Not sure.

Either way, it's a great coup for this fourth place party that's run by the corrupt (and frightening looking) head of the national teacher's union, Ms. Elba Esther Gordillo. (I will not publish a picture of her, for fear of frightening small children ... and adults for that matter.)

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