Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mexico's Goofy Political Campaign Signs

For all the money Mexican politicians spend on their election campaigns, it's a wonder that the advertising you see is so amateurish.

Are there not professional public relations and marketing specialists in Mexico who can lend a hand to the propaganda efforts of these folks?

While out on a walk this morning, I snapped random pictures of some of the more interesting signs I saw.

Below are four that caught my attention. And I must say that this is just a quick sampling - there are many other worthwhile targets I could make fun of. (And I probably will in a future post.)

Mario Delgado – candidate for Senate

When I see this sign, what's my immediate reaction? If you were my neighbor, I wouldn't even trust you to feed my cat while I'm away. And if you knock on my door, I will hide.

This is possibly the worst message I've ever seen on a sign. Translated, it says, “Do you know what a senator does? I'll explain it to you!”

In other words, what he's really saying is, “I think you, the voters, are morons. You couldn't possibly understand why only I am smart enough to do the job of a Senator.”


Enrique Peña Nieto – Presidential Candidate

This candidate has taken to posing for photos pretending to care about the people with whom he would never associate in real life.

If the photo were to present EPN as he actually is, he would be surrounded by political operatives giving him directions like some Hollywood film director would do with one of his actors.

Furthermore, Mr. Peña Nieto would far more likely be in some fancy upper class neighborhood, shopping for Gucci products. He would not be hugging some random strange woman in the middle of nowhere.

I trust the woman in the photo more than I trust the slick guy who's next to her.

Miguel ManceraCandidate for Mayor of Mexico City

My beef with this sign is somewhat different. I have to ask myself, “As a candidate, would I really want a quasi-Communist party endorsing me?” Um, not so much.

The Partido de Trabajo (Workers Party), if it ever wants to be taken seriously, needs to ditch the Communist symbols. Red = Commie. Star = Commie. Only thing missing is the hammer and sickle. But, it does mesh perfectly with the flag of Red China.  (Of course, the most helpful thing they could do would be to renounce the failed cause of Communism.)

The best thing Mancera and his campaign team could do would be to politely ask that the PT not put up any signs with his face on them.

Miguel Errasti -- Candidate, Miguel Hidalgo Delegation

What first caught my attention about this sign was that it is way too cluttered.  From a marketing/branding standpoint, it's very poorly designed.  If you're driving by this sign, who would be able to pay close enough attention to the details? Nobody. You'll be lucky if you recall the guy's name.

Upon closer inspection, though, I'm struck by how this group of kids are all giving the thumbs up to this candidate.  It's encouraging to see this candidate has the solid backing of ... politically active 10-year olds?

Also, the blue cross has me confused.  I thought this had some connection to Mexico's Cruz Azul soccer team.  Maybe ... or maybe not. Who knows. But based on my criteria as "how visible is it from a distance?", this sign does not pass the test.

More to Come

This was but a mere glimpse at the signs of the campaigns.  Rest assured that there is plenty more ridiculousness out there, which I shall save for an upcoming post.

Part II - More Craziness!

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